Imagine you are standing on the shores of an island, overlooking a beautiful, precious, paradise city—the city of your dreams, and the only thing between you and that fairyland is a deep sea. There are no boats; nothing to cross with. Swimming is less of an option. You either cannot swim or would hardly make it through; the journey is a long and dangerous one. What do you do? You stand and stare, hope and despair, pray and wail, curse and all, but none of that seems to change things.

The scenario is worsened by the fact that time is ticking and you have limited time to survive in the island. There are the threats of flood, cold, hunger, infections, wild animals, and more. You need to get out as soon as possible or you’d die there. If you attempt to swim, you may also die in the process anyway. Then all of a sudden there appears a bridge linking the island to your dreamland.

The story just begins.

As it were

The story of our lives begin with us being born as sinners, naturally separated from the Father through the sin of Adam (see Romans 5:12-14). So we were born into an island, a dangerous one, full of troubles, sickness, poverty, death, and so much darkness; not forgetting the wild animals. It is a jungle where we come, but there is something good somewhere. There is LIFE. There is a better place. A better day.

But apart from our separation from God in the light of our need for salvation, there are also several other separations in different aspects of our lives. However, they are all contained and related to life and salvation.

It has something to do with our health. It has something to do with our relationships. And it definitely does have something to do with our career and dreams, or even our personal battles and struggles. Truth remains that in God lies the paradise, blessedness, fulfilment, satisfaction, and true reflection of perfection in any area of life. Whereas from our default positions due to natural placements and conditions, it is always a dangerous, unappealing, and distasteful island. We want something better. We want life. We want a better place. A better day.

Then Came Jesus

Separation from God is the bane of the natural man’s life. Living in this context, we are exposed to all the wiles of the enemy. Connecting with the Father has been the pursuit of man from after the fall. It is evident in religion. Religion is simply man’s attempt to reach the Father, because somewhere deep down in his being is a witness to the fact that not only does there exist this God, but also that He is the answer to all of the inadequacies of the natural life.

The problem has only been in the means of that connection. Like the man standing on the shores of the island and looking out to the paradise city, every religion professes to build that link that is needed to cross the ocean, but not all really does. The option they all present is swimming across the sea; an option that is in itself a death trap, as no one can really make it through.

Swimming through is trusting personal works in attaining the life we desire. It is like following the law to attain salvation. It is not only impossible, but drudgery as well. Jesus is the only way to salvation; the only way to the Father. He is the bridge that appears connecting the island to the paradise.

Jesus is the bridge. The bridge is grace. Man is to get saved and remain saved through grace.

Bridge to all, and for all

For some, it is easy to understand Jesus as the bridge to salvation, but not apply it directly to other individual subjects in their lives and daily experiences. However, if we understand salvation as a full package, and have knowledge of all that is contained therein, we will know that if Jesus is the bridge to God, our paradise, then He is the bridge to anywhere we want to go and anything we want to get.

If you haven’t made Jesus the Lord of your life, if you haven’t stepped on this reliable and infallible bridge that is able to bring you to anywhere you want to go and anything you want to be, I invite you to do that today. Follow this link to find hope today.

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