The eldest of my little girls does something annoying, and recently I had to scold her for it. She’s the only one of them who has a phone, yet when someone calls for the gate to be opened, she’d send her younger sister.

Recently, I returned weak and fainting, and managed to call her line. But instead of coming to open the gate, she went to wake her younger sister who was deep in sleep. It took about 7-10 minutes for the younger one to get up and stabilise herself, then come open the gate.

While scolding her, I had to remind her that the privilege of owning a phone came with the responsibility of being the one to be called upon by those who are not at home. If she doesn’t like that, then she should give the phone to her younger sister.

In a lot of ways, I see her attitude in display in many areas in our world today. People want the glamours of wedding, but they don’t want the hardwork required in the marriage. Many want to be CEOs, but don’t want the long hours of working to get things done.

Many want to be rich, but want to avoid taking risks. We want the fun and benefits of relationships, but run from the sacrifices they require to be sustained. We want to receive, but we don’t want to give. We like the sense of class we think we’d get for being iPhone users, but hate the high cost of maintenance.

We want the position, but not the duties; the certificate, but not the schooling; success, but no discipline. We want to have fame and still have privacy.

Unfortunately, life is not designed to work like that. Every privilege comes with its responsibilities. There is a price for everything you desire. If you want to enjoy the privilege, get ready to bear the responsibilities.

Don’t desire a privilege you are not ready to take responsibility for. Even if life was a bed of roses, don’t forget that roses do have thorns/prickles.

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