Tick, tick, and time ticks away. Seconds turn into day. Days become years. And life is spent. There is no control on growing old; everyone and everything eventually does. Except you stop living.

Unfortunately, growing up isn’t automatic. Maturity isn’t a default thing. How we all wish it was. How we all wish time alone would gift us self-control, wealth, success, wisdom, perfection, courage, the right attitudes, confidence, etc. If only wishes were horses…

There would be fewer poor people, broken marriages, prison inmates, destitute. We won’t hear of all the suicides, crimes, abortions, drug issues, depression, divorces, and all, like we know them now.

But, no! It doesn’t work that way. Growing up is a choice anyone who wants to would make, and take deliberate steps towards. You have to decide you want to grow in any area of your life, and you have to even learn how to, and eventually start the journey.

Principles govern life and living; every aspect of them. These principles are independent of anyone. It is the duty of those who wish to grow up to search them out.

What do you want? A good marriage? Good health? Great friendships? Successful career? Big business? Wealth? Impacting ministry? Whatever it is, there are secrets and principles to them. And your desires show the area(s) of your life you wish to grow up in. And none of that will happen automatically. You have to deliberately take the right steps, one at a time.

Stop reminding yourself of how old you are. Most times, it really doesn’t matter. And stop flaunting age in front of others. Some things don’t come solely with age. It is possible to be 40 and foolish, or 20 and wise. Some 60-year-olds are healthier than those in their 30’s.

Stop worrying about getting old. We all must. Stop being frantic about it. Rather make a decision to grow up. The good news is that you can make this decision any time. No time is really too late or too early.

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