I’ve been in this house for years, yet for almost every day of them she would make sure to remind me to lock the back door around my room. I don’t like hearing it. Does she have to always do that? Can’t she just realise I’m grown and know what to do without being told? But how do I tell her I’m grown?

Thinking about this, I’m forced to remind myself that two nights ago I forgot to lock the door before sleeping off, just like some other nights. Maybe that is why she keeps talking about it.

It is hard to admit, but I have to face the truth: maturity isn’t about age, just as expertise isn’t always a function of how long a person has been into a thing. It is about RESPONSIBILITY!

The only way to let her know she doesn’t have to tell me to do it is by taking responsibility and making sure I do what is right. How do I claim I know what to do when I don’t get myself to always do it without being told?

I guess it’s the thing with many of us; we want the prestige of positions and recognitions, but not the responsibility attached to them. We want to be valued in certain ways, but we don’t want to pay the price to deserve them.

Promotions are not gifted, neither is maturity. Sometimes you have to prove you deserve or can handle some things before you are given them, and not to expect you’ll get them just by age.

And that’s my lesson. Stop expecting something you haven’t proven you are responsible enough to handle.

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