When I wake up in the morning and think about “exercising” it’s usually a bit of a struggle to get my mind to click at it and drag my body into it. It is surprising, but even after a few years of being given to this, the word “exercise” still doesn’t really do it.

For most people it is so. That word itself only excites us when we want to proudly let others know we do morning “exercises.”

So what does it for me? “Fun” does. I don’t think exercise, I rather think “fun.” Jogging is fun. I think “health;” staying fit helps me stay healthy. I think “smartness;” exercising helps erase the dull approach towards the day from me, and get me strong and quick.

I could consider it amazing how that when I create these different pictures of the same thing in my mind, my mind processes them with excitement and stirs up my body to get going. But when I think of what I’m about to do as some set of hard, body breaking activities, my body hardly wants to get into it.

The point is this: You can stir internal motivation to do whatever you need to do simply by changing your view of that thing. If you see it as difficult or uninteresting, then stop wondering why it sucks to you, or why you haven’t been able to enjoy or succeed at it. But for that same thing, you can change your perspective, and the experience will change, too.

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