Gideon Stewart: How I Became A Content Writer

In January, 2016, when I was about leaving my first job, it was tough deciding what to do with my life.

I hated the idea of submitting CVs. In fact, I didn’t have one ready. I hated the thought of interviews. But more than all that, I hated to think that I would wait until I got a job and worked till the end of the month before I could get money into my pocket.

I was naive about life. So naive, I had never known any other way to make money. To add to the confusion I was facing at the time, I studied Computer Science, but lost interest halfway through school. I was determined not to continue in that path. So I didn’t even know what kind of jobs to apply for.

One day, I decided to sit myself down, pick up a pen and a sheet of paper, and begin looking into myself. I asked myself certain questions. I was on a mission. I wanted to know what it was about me that I could make money with. I was going to look inside for a means of livelihood and not outside.

So, on the sheet of paper, I wrote different headings like, SKILLS, TALENTS, ABILITIES, etc.

I felt sad because it didn’t seem like I had a lot of skills. The only thing I felt I could do at the time was WRITING. So I decided to review my life and tried to find out those things I had been spending much of my time on in the past 5 years from that time.

I discovered I had spent more of my time on the Internet with my phone. I never let myself run out of subscriptions. I’d rather go hungry instead of not having data.

Then I asked myself a simple question: Gideon, what have you made out of these years of subscribing and spending time online?

So I wrote down on the sheet of paper, under INTERESTS: Social media, Internet browsing, Chatting.

I now went further to try matching them. I wanted to see if there was a correlation between the things I had highlighted. I wondered how I could connect WRITING with INTERNET BROWSING or SOCIAL MEDIA.

I went on Google to search for ‘how to make money writing on the internet.’

And that was my eureka moment.

Everything you see now, everything I’ve become now, everything I’ve achieved, began at that moment. It was a moment that changed the trajectory of my life.

That was the day (sometime in January 2016) that I discovered there was something called CONTENT WRITING. I began searching for opportunities immediately. I saw a post on Nairaland, from someone seeking writers. I sent him an email, telling him I could write very well (even though I had never done it before).

He sent me topics to test my abilities. I wrote and sent them back. He liked them, but made a few corrections. And that was how this journey started.

My point today is simple: There is a skill, knowledge, talent, ability, interest, passion, whatever it is, that you have, which is more valuable than you know. There is something you’ve been doing that you don’t know you can make a big deal out of.

What is that thing?

This is the first part of a series I’ll be sharing here. I want those who are wondering how to get started or what to make out of their lives to know one thing: THERE IS SOMETHING IN YOUR HAND. There is something you have that will unlock the door for you.

Have you found your own game-changing talent, ability, passion, or habit? Mine is writing. What is yours?

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