It was sometime around late January this year, that I started feeling a sharp pain in my chest. I made plans to go to the hospital, but soon got overwhelmed by my house issue, which was fast turning into a major case. ⁣

When I finally settled in my new accommodation, it wasn’t long before the coronavirus pandemic hit, and I felt reluctant about going to the hospital in the heat of the crisis. ⁣

Throughout this period, the devil kept trying as much as he could to toy with my mind at every chance he got. At first, the pain and other accompanying symptoms came up from time to time, but they soon became constant. There was hardly anything I didn’t think of. ⁣

However, the most predominant of them was CANCER. ⁣

Surprised? I’ll tell you why. ⁣

Many many years ago, I fell in love with R. Kelly’s album, ‘Happy People/U Saved Me’. If you know the song, ‘U Saved Me,’ very well, you’d know there’s a part of the lyrics that goes thus: ⁣

I was in the aisle of the grocery store ⁣
With a pain in my chest and I’m wondering ⁣
Where did it come from (I got tested) ⁣
And the results came back ⁣
And the doctor said I’m sorry but you got cancer ⁣
I could not believe it so ⁣
I call my mama to calm my nerves ⁣

U Saved Me – R. Kelly

That song, to date, has stuck to my mind. So, the moment I began feeling a ‘pain in my chest,’ it quickly resonated with those lines from the lyrics, and the devil capitalised on that to bring thought bombs of cancer to me. ⁣

It got worse when after the first set of hospital visits and scans, the doctors couldn’t place what was the cause of the pain. So, whilst I’m usually reluctant about hospital stuff, my mind was anxious to do more scans and know if it was really ‘cancer.’ ⁣

Well… Thank God everything kept pointing to the fact that all is well with me. But the lesson here is this: GUARD YOUR HEART WITH ALL DILIGENCE.

The media is more powerful than we are ready to admit. There is a lot of mind manipulation going on through media content. You can’t tell people to stop doing what they are profiting from, but you can pay attention to (and filter) what you listen to and what dwells in your heart. ⁣

These things usually go down and settle somewhere in our subconscious, waiting for the right opportunity so they’ll come up and mess with our mind. ⁣

A lot of our fears about life and society are rooted in the movies we’ve watched, songs, books, etc. more than in our actual experiences. ⁣

Stay on guard. ⁣

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