Last week, I needed to visit a friend around an area I hadn’t been to before, though still in a city I’ve lived in for a good part of my life. It required making several stops and boarding different vehicles. At some point it was time to enter the unfamiliar territory, and as soon as I boarded the vehicle, I told the driver clearly where I was going, but did not forget to add that I didn’t exactly know where I’ve been asked to stop.

He promised he would tell me when we have reached there, and complimented on my opening up to admit I didn’t know the place. He told about a girl who had entered his vehicle pretending to know where she was going, only to open up long after they had passed her destination. Was she forming big girl? I’m sure we’d be quick to point out her wrongs, whilst in many ways we all do the same thing.

There is an adage in my dialect which, when translated, means, “THE ONE WHO ASKS QUESTIONS DOES NOT MISS THE WAY.” How true that is.

The problem many times in life is not that we don’t know, it is rather that we don’t know yet we don’t try to know. Whatever keeps us from asking and seeking to know/learn is our biggest enemy, whether it is fear or pride.

As I am writing this, I am reminded of an interesting thing that happened during a job interview I went for. I’ll write about it soon. Watch out. It all boils down to the fact that IGNORANCE IS NOT THE PROBLEM; RATHER THE PROBLEM IS THE UNWILLINGNESS TO GET RID OF IGNORANCE.

It is okay not to have known yet, as long as you are willing to know and you are striving to know.

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