One reason I am very proud of my mum is that despite the fact that she lives and works in a village environment, that woman impresses me every time we meet. I would discover she has found one new series on YouTube or some website that she has plugged into and try to keep up with daily. Unlike many of her peers living in a similar environment, she is always learning.
From spiritual things, to health, personal development, even food, she is using the internet very well. She is not only teachable, she is eager to learn. I recommend books for her, even give her some of mine.
Before now, I used to like people who are teachable. I thought being teachable was the most important thing in a person’s character, because it would make one open to learning and improving. But later on I realised there was something even more important than being teachable. It is being eager to learn. The two are not the same.
In this information age, it is not enough to be teachable, you need to be hungry for knowledge and go after it. Be self-motivated towards learning. Where I am now, what I do, where I work, etc., are all a result of self-driven knowledge seeking, not what I learnt from school. My certificate has nothing to do with it. A distinction (first class) graduate of computer science, good at programming back then, I abandoned all that to seek after something else, and I strove to learn by myself what I needed to know to fit into the new sphere.
I hate it when I see young people spending all the time on Facebook and other social media, yet they are not adding value to themselves by improving their knowledge. I dare you to make a decision today: Choose a particular interest, and discipline yourself for the next 21 days to read ONE article online about it DAILY. At the end of the 21 days, sit back and evaluate how much you’ve known about that thing. I bet you, you’d feel like an expert. KNOWLEDGE IS THE NEW CURRENCY IN THIS AGE. GOT GET IT!

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