Stretch yourself wide,

Yawn as long as you can;
You’re alive.
The bills are unpaid, but you’re alive.
You failed the test, but you’re alive.
You didn’t get the job, but you’re alive.
The business failed, but you’re still succeeding at being alive.
The marriage crashed, and you thought you’d crash with it, but look, you’re alive.
You’ve fallen a million times, but a million and one times you’ve stood, alive.
Go on and LIVE!
Go to the mirror,
Sit by it,
Spend an hour,

Laughing at yourself, by yourself,
And remember you’re alive.
They all left you, but you’re still alive.
They betrayed you, but you’re alive.
They said you aren’t going to make it, but you’re still making it, still alive.
You never thought you were going to make it either, but there you are, alive.
You thought the storms would drown you, but you made it out alive.
You thought you wouldn’t survive the pain, but you did, and you’re alive.
Life seemed to have unleashed its heaviest blows, but you took it all, and you’re alive.
Get up and LIVE!
This is no rehearsal.
You’re already on the stage. Seize it! LIVE IT!

There isn’t another chance.
Should there be, it’ll only be given to those who make the most of this one. Those who LIVE!
It’s beyond the breath.
Find its essence. Be present. Give your all. Give your best to it. LIVE!
And before you consider leaving, make sure you’ve done all you can. Make sure you’ve LIVED!
Love as much as you can. You were never made to get by alone.
Laugh as hard as you can. The funnier you make it the easier it is to get through.
Learn from every event. The wiser you get the stronger you are to keep keeping on.
Labour with all of your passion and gifts. It pays nothing to take all that to the grave.
Leave legacies. It’s possible to live forever through them.
You’re already here. The least you can do is just LIVE!

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