There are several things that are quite impossible in life, and one of them is to give something you don’t have or have never had. How do you do it?

But it’s amazing to realise that’s what many of us attempt when we talk about our journey of love. We try to give something we’ve never had. It is impossible; hence, our love efforts towards others become frustrating and exhaustive.

Charity, they say, begins at home. Loving people, I say, begins with yourself. You must realise you are somebody. You can never get caught up in the craze of trying to love someone else that you forget you are also somebody. It births frustration.

In fact, I dare say that it is the root of heartbreaks. Such love is unhealthy. It has no foundation. It can yield nothing. It is simply confusion.

You existed before you got to know about that person you think you are crazy about. So you have to practice loving them with yourself. Abuse happens when we throw our self to others and we don’t even know what we are giving out. They, too, will hardly know what we are giving to them.

If you’ve been finding love frustrating, I encourage you to sit back and examine how you’ve been going about it all over again. Have you been trying to love others when you don’t even know what love is, and haven’t learned to love yourself? That could be the problem.

It takes two whole hearts to come together and beat as one, two complete beings, and never two broken or half hearts.

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