My battles don’t win me,
My storms don’t drown me.
Fear’s afraid of me;
I may have seen more evil than the devil can muster.
My crosses don’t carry me,
My nights can’t submerge me.
Or ever heard of darkness overshadowing light?
Even as a spark, I withstood thick darkness.
What about now that I know who I am?
My mistakes don’t floor me,
Neither do falls hold me;
For even hell won’t let me draw nigh,
It knows some persons aren’t just made for it.
Will the banks contain the river when it overflows?
Or should the mountain be scared of the wind?
Even the turbulent wind dances around me,
For when I stand I’ve stood.
I know the stuff that I am made of.
So when the fires thought they’d burnt me up,
When troubles prided in crushing me,
I re-emerged bigger and better,
Stronger and wiser,
Brighter and more beautiful;
Only because I know who I am,
And I know the stuff I am made of.

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