When people ask me, “How was your night?” I really don’t know what to say, so I just answer the ceremonial, “Fine.”

Truth is that the question kind of startles me; it’s like an interruption. I am not thinking about the night, and I don’t care about how it was, whether good or bad. I am already carried away and thrilled by the opportunities of the morning, that whatever happened at night doesn’t matter.

The joys of the new day is overwhelming. That’s how it should be for all of us: We should never be drowned by the failures or misfortunes of yesterday, that we forget the possibilities of each new day.

When you wake up, look beyond yesterday and see today. See the new day. See the new chances. See hope. See another opportunity. But if you don’t, if you are still entrapped in yesterday, then you are questioning the life you still have.

Each new day represents hope. It represents opportunities; another chance. I look into the morning and think to myself, I have been given another chance to work at life. Another chance to make it right. Another chance make it work. Another chance to get going. Another chance to do it. Another chance reach for it. Another chance to try again. Another chance to rise up. Another chance! I can’t let this opportunity slip away. I won’t waste it. So I’m going to step out boldly, irrespective of how yesterday went, and get going.

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