If there is anything the night and sleeping should do, it should rest your anxieties, worries, or disappointments about the previous day. So when you wake, tune your mind immediately to the positive.

Think hope. Think opportunities. Think love. Think gratitude. Think victory. Think strength.

Do not cheat on today by still romancing with yesterday.  If you’ve broken up with it, then let it go. Stop dwelling on how yesterday treated you, while ignoring the pleasures of a new life that your new bride (the new day) can bring.

Perhaps the reason why the new day may end up treating you the same is because of your expectations. If you don’t give it a chance to prove better, you will end same place tomorrow left you.

So rise daily on the positive side of life. Take each new day as a new bride and be filled with so much joy of all the possibilities there can be in it, like is obtainable with most newly married.

Go conquer!

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