I once worked on a short documentary on running water, drainage and erosion, and it brought me really close to the intriguing fact that WHEN WATER IS MOVING, IT MUST ALWAYS HAVE A WAY. IT IS EITHER YOU MAKE A WAY FOR IT, OR IT FINDS ITS OWN WAY AROUND. Then I said to myself, why not be like the water?

Why blame circumstances and people for not having been able to achieve your dreams, when you have the inherent ability to make a way, get around those conditions and carve a path for yourself? Truth is, in the end, there’s no excuse for failure, and no one else takes the blame; not even your supposed core enemies, if there be such.

Let’s learn from the moving water. If life doesn’t make way for us, we find the way for ourselves, because, just like the water, we must always MOVE FORWARD.

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