If you are not running, then there is nothing chasing you. And if there is nothing chasing you, apparently you haven’t chased something either.

I wrote yesterday on being driven by the spirit of your desires. Today I want to lay more emphasis on that by saying that if everyday you need an external push to get you up and going, then it is obvious you are not after anything.

There used to be those days when getting up from the bed was not pleasant. When I wondered what each new day was for. But not anymore. Now is the time when even the alarm clock seems useless. For before it rings, I am up and about my day.Sometimes I get awakened at odd hours by things to write; ideas to formulate and give expression.

You see, life becomes a motivation in itself when you are after and about something. The courage to keep going emanates automatically from within, irrespective of whatever you have faced or still do.

The question today is: Are you chasing something?

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