What is the difference between the president of USA and that of Uganda, an A-list actor and the one who features on local stage plays, or a best-selling author and the one who’s managed to self-publish a few books?

All the things you can list as the differences in any of the categories are centred on INFLUENCE. It’s simple: one has more influence than the other, which can be as a result of several things. But in reality, the two persons in each case are basically doing the same thing. They are rulers, actors or writers.

An heir who refuses to be king because of the size of the kingdom will never be king at all. But if he wants a bigger territory, he must first assume kingship, which will allow him access to forces and resources that, if well deployed, can conquer for him larger domains.

Be what you have to be, and do what you have to do now. Don’t wait for bigger opportunities to come first. It is in doing it that they will come and you will have the ability to enlarge your coast.


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