When we smile, it is not because there is nothing to make us frown or look sad. But we realise that there is so much gloominess and darkness out there already, that more from us won’t make any difference. So we’d rather smile and shine a light, radiate hope and warmth.

More darkness does not bring about less darkness, but in the darkest of nights, even a flicker of light is significant. Things are going wrong, and many are being hurt; but wearing a sad face won’t make it any better. I’d rather you put on a smile, even if it’s a pretentious one.

It is a season of joy and happiness. Do not be overcome by the consciousness of unachieved goals or unmet tasks. Do not let the things that went wrong drown your world with sadness and bitterness.

Rather look forward to new and better things in the coming year. Smile and be happy. Stir up hope and courage so you can fight again in the new year.

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