When you feel you don’t have enough, and you are desiring for more, do not complain, rather be grateful. And while you are waiting for a blessing, look around you. You will be surprised to see someone else who can be blessed with the little or nothing that you have.

Being a blessing even when we are hoping to be blessed is very uplifting. It is our way of helping the universe hasting up the process of reaching and touching lives. And when we do, we also align ourselves properly for our own to come. It makes us realise just how blessed we already are. It inspires gratitude and eases our anxiety over what we don’t have yet. And we have the confidence that if we made it happen for others, somehow, life will make it happen for us, too.

You may have a need in your heart, but while waiting for it to be met, find someone else whose need you can help meet, and feel the awesome joy there is in being part of something more than you.

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