When you lie down to sleep, do you think about how you would stay alive while sleeping, and wake yourself up the next morning? I bet you just go to bed believing you’d wake up the next day. You may even be thinking about all the things you have for the next day.

It is not our place to figure out how everything will work; life wasn’t made to be that way. A large part of life was made to be lived by faith. When you’ve done all you can, you just have faith and believe it will work out fine. You can’t work it out yourself, so why worry over it?

Dream the dreams, make the plans, take the steps; but don’t forget, when it’s time, to go to bed and allow life work its wonders. And when the logic in your head is worked up, asking, “How can it be?” let the faith in your heart answer and say, “All will be well; you just wait and see.”

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