It seems to be a long road to anywhere worth going in life. It’s a journey that has to be travelled with determination to go all the way, and patience as it takes several turns through excitement, boredom, challenges, and all. If your dreams are worth achieving, then they are worth the wait and pains.

Any dream worth achieving is worth whatever it takes to get to it. It can be a loss that helps us realise what we yet have. Or rejections that help straighten our focus. Or lack that causes us to find the path to abundance. Or failures that help us redefine our strategies.

Whatever it is, we may find it unpleasant and painful at the moment. But if it’s going to help us arrive where we are headed for, then it is worth it. So stop wishing for an easier road, and rather allow the struggles to build you and take you to the place of fulfilment.

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