If the sun should shine, telling itself it is the best thing that ever happened to man because it allows him play and move around freely, and so unleashes itself in its full capacity and refuses to set, it will not be long before man will be weary of it, get burnt by it and run for shelter.

If the rain should come next and pride itself to be a succour to men, pour out in full capacity, and refuse to stop, man will still grow weary of it. All the seasons are important; at least they help create a balance. And such balance is necessary if we are going to really appreciate life.

Just the way these different seasons exist when it has to do with the weather, so it is with life. There are different times and seasons for each of us. They come in different manners and affect us in different ways. We may prefer some, but without the others, we cannot really appreciate even those we desire. It is important to know that they are all important, as they play unique roles in building us up and making us properly fit.

The hope of seeing the next season that will bring us relief for all we are facing with the current one, should never die. Knowing that the sun will shine after the downpour, is what keeps us going, strong, pressing on. Without this hope, we can get washed out with the storm, and not live to see the brighter day.

If your season is fair now, be grateful, and do not despise those whose season isn’t as fair. If yours isn’t, do not be weary by it; hope, prepare, strive and wait for a change. It will surely come.

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