While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed recently, I read a post that reminded me of some categories of persons we usually do have in our lives. They are those who are always asking for something from you, needing your help, attention, skill, or whatever else.

I used to be the kind of person who never knew to say “NO!” I didn’t see anything wrong with that, especially as long as I could afford what the other person wanted. But I soon realised that whilst I was always saying YES with the mindset of being SUPPORTIVE, some persons were always asking just to be MANIPULATIVE.

I couldn’t contain my surprise when at one time I said NO to someone who was supposed to be a friend (after always saying YES to requests of help), and immediately the “friendship” ended. Till now, the person has stayed away.

Then it happened again with another person. And yet another. It was then I began to know how people’s mindset differ when it comes to the same thing.

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