If they remember you only when they need your help or they are always asking for something from you, chances are that they are being manipulative. But then, if you are always helping out or always think you should be the one to help them solve their problems, chances are that you have a GOD-COMPLEX.

It is only “God” that people should always cry to for help, and when we think we should always be in the position to help everyone around us, then it is a sign we are already assuming a God-position.

Look, friend, it is okay to say no sometimes. It is okay not to be the one to help out sometimes. I learnt my lessons the bitter way. Somehow we do think it’s a sincere desire to be of help, but pride could subtly be behind it.

Don’t take the position of “God” in people’s lives. Don’t try to help out every situation. Many have gotten themselves into trouble/debt for it. And don’t also help people cultivate an over-dependence on you. Sometimes saying NO could be the best thing you’ll do for that person.

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