There will never come that one day when all your dreams will come true if all you do is wish and wait. Wishing and waiting for it is completely useless. The day is now; that day is today. You already have it. So get up and get going.

Don’t tell me about your big dreams. I rather want to hear about your little, daily steps. They matter more than those dreams, because without them you will get nowhere and achieve nothing.

You can wait your life out. But until you realise that you already have what you need to make that dream come true, and begin to take those little steps, nothing will happen.

The value you place on each day of your life is the true reflection of the value you place on your life. In case you don’t know, they are one and the same.

How old you are is just a sum of how many single days you have had. How many have you wasted? Do the maths.

The regrets people have at the final seasons of their life are always regrets about days they didn’t seize. Moments and opportunities are all contained in days. We can make a decision each day we wake, to watch out for the moments and opportunities that the day will bring our way and make the most of them.

Step out and act today. Step out and win TODAY!

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