I wonder if there would be a more dreadful week in my life again. I had returned from a vigil to find my bag had been stolen from my room back in school. My laptop, external hard drive, modem, and my certificates were in there. All carried with the bag. I wish the thief knew he was almost stealing all of me, because it was more than the loss of the items; I had lost the many years of creative writing stored in them.

And just when I was trying to console myself with the few stuff left on my phones’ memory cards, they both crashed one following the other. All happening the same week.

Believe me, I’ve been through hell and high waters. I’ve suffered losses of different degrees. But what could be more bitter to a creative person than losing your manuscripts and raw recordings of compositions? In fact, I had to write a poem titled A WRITER’S DILEMMA after this first major hit.

I knew such incidents were common with creative people, yet I couldn’t imagine the gravity of the loss my lecturer had suffered when he told me few weeks ago about losing the manuscripts of over 20 books he had already written.

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to suffer such heavy blows again. With very small amount of data, you can have your documents backed up somewhere in the Internet that you shouldn’t bother to know. Then whenever you need them, you just need some data to get them back.

The cloud storage technology wasn’t well known to some of us back then, hence the gravity of our losses. My laptop crashed recently and I lost a few stuff, but you bet they weren’t really anything much; just files created a few days before the incident that had not been backed up yet.

In this age, I wouldn’t want to hear you suffered such loss. That’s why I say to you, TAKE IT TO THE CLOUD.

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