I often wonder why I’d walk the longer miles, leave several shops behind, just so I’d stop first at a particular one, and I wouldn’t mind walking back to check on the others if my first-choice shop doesn’t have what I want. It makes me wonder how people get to pick their favourites of business organizations.

Why them first? I caught myself asking some nights ago. Why do you prefer and insist on particular people for goods or services? Perhaps there are valuable things that can be learned from this, to help businesses cast the same spell on customers and gain their loyalty.

Here is my attempt to dig out what the spell could be, and I believe most persons will agree to them.


It’s in the warmth, attention, smile, or simple courtesy shown. I like it when the person there recognises me when I walk in a second time. Or even when he/she makes me feel like I’m dealing with a friend from the first day. I like it when they remember my choice of products after I’d come severally. Sometimes I don’t mean to buy much; I just want step out a bit and catch those friendly faces again.


Maybe I’m asking for too much. But I think that if I’d be paying for something, it’s not only cool to be sure it is worth it, but knowing the other person cares about my satisfaction makes it cooler. I feel safer, and will come back.

Quality and availability

While trust is expensive, truth remains that we all desire it with those we have business relationship with. If I can count on you to give me the best of it even when I’m not there myself, then why should it not be you all the time? And customers like it when they can count on you to have what they want (or most of it) any time they call.


It is important to sell your market, and that’s what most persons focus on. But I like it when you can tell me the truth about your products to help me make my decision, and not over-hype them just so I’d buy them. The more sincere and straightforward I know you to be, the safer I feel dealing with you.

Knowledge of the products/services

The more you know about what you are offering or dealing on, the more I believe you are giving me the right thing. I like barbers who don’t only know how to use the clipper, but can confidently counsel me on hair treatments when I need one. And what about doctors, tailors, etc? I don’t think anyone in their right mind would want to patronise those who guess at what they do. Business people who exude confidence and good knowledge of what they are offering will always win the bid, most times irrespective of the price.


Did you notice price is the last thing on my list? Well, it’s still a factor, but sometimes it doesn’t matter much if the other ones are absent. I can’t put up with rude shop attendants, even if they sell the cheapest. However, it pays to set competitive prices for your goods/services.

Yes, that is my list, but I believe those who sit at the customer end of the table think alike in many ways. The point is for you to give attention to how you attend to those who patronise you. Loyalty is invaluable. The world is building on network marketing, and the concept stems from the fact that one person who loves something will refer (link up) others, who would in turn refer others, and the pyramid keeps growing. You, too, can tap into the power of loyalty in your business, but you have to first cast the spell for it.

I challenge you this week to be more concerned about customer satisfaction. Don’t be carefree, rather do a little extra and see how far it takes you.

Have a productive week!

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