Today, I join the throwback culture, and I’m throwing back to March 2015, when I was just getting ready for my POP as a corps member, but I had to be in the hospital for a surgical procedure. I am throwing back to the event and the lesson I learned. Here is a piece I wrote after I left the hospital.
So, now I’m back home from the hospital and in the recovery process. Having learned my lessons in quite an unpleasant way, I thought to just share something about it so maybe someone might try to be more cautious and not have to learn through similar bitter experience.
I happen not to be the “hospital” type; I guess someone knows what I mean, and there are my likes out there. So, I had this little injury on my foot over eight months ago. I had it treated casually, like a normal injury, just like many of us do; we go to the pharmacy outlets and get ourselves attended to. But after a while a growth started shooting out of the toe where I had the injury. I would later go to a doctor and have and x-ray to find out the injury affected my bone badly and the bone was beginning to bring forth an abnormal growth.
Over the course of some weeks now I’ve been shuttling the hospital and home just to have it handled, and just last week a surgical procedure was done on it. Now am back, getting better, but after having to bear so much pain and inconveniences, go for weeks without shoes, go through so much stress, spend lots of productive time, and even a good deal of money.
Well, what would probably have not cost this much if it was properly taken care of had to because of some little act of dereliction. But I’ve learnt the lessons; never to be carefree about my health, always to take care of little details, always to handle little issues before they degenerate into bigger messes, always to do the right things and do them rightly, never to give the devil an inch so he doesn’t take over the entire room, etc.
Now I know better when it is said that: A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE.
So, Fam, I hope we always remember a stitch in time will always save nine, or even more. I pray we all learn to do the right things, even when they don’t seem so necessary, or when we think we can get around them. Enduring that little inconvenience now just to do the something the right way may save you a bigger trouble tomorrow.

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