While getting ready to leave the house, I checked my wallet to find I barely had N800 left. Immediately I thought to myself: the wallet is empty, but the bank account isn’t; I can always draw from it with my ATM any time. So there’s nothing to worry about.

And just then something came to my spirit. It has to do with the various revelations on prosperity that have been hitting me from every side for a while now. And what came to me was this:

God’s blessing is likened to a bank account that can be drawn from at any time. The prosperity of a man is tied to the blessing. You don’t judge a rich man by how much he is carrying in his wallet at the time.

It doesn’t matter what happens to a blessed man, or the current situation. He may lose a job or contract, miss a deal or run out of some kind of resources. But as long as he knows he is blessed, he has nothing to worry about. He can always draw from that blessing and get what he needs.

He doesn’t have to look it right now, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t it. All he just needs to do is draw from the blessing. His confidence is not in what physical evidence people see of his prosperity. His confidence is in the blessing, just as a man’s confidence on money is not in the amount in his wallet, but bank account.

You can take every physical thing away from him, but as long as he has the blessing, he knows he is okay and will bounce back again.

Be about the blessing first. In it lies prosperity, wealth, health and any other good thing one can desire. Wow!!!

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