A friend asked me to go help her sell her earring. One of pair was missing, hence the decision to sell the other. It was gold, but I had no idea what it was worth. As I held it, all I could see was a little piece of earring that I could easily not notice on her ear when worn.

Knowing I had no idea of the current market value of a carat of gold, she had to make some calls while I was on my way to find a buyer. She called later to inform me what it was, and I held on to that.

Fast forward to when the transaction was completed, it wasn’t until I had sold it that I realised the value of that little, ignorable (to me) piece of jewelry.

As I felt the heap of the cash in my pocket, I said to myself: If you had seen that earring on her ears, you would have had no idea of how much she was carrying around.

Permit my ignorance, I haven’t been dealing on gold or bothered to be aware of its market value. But then the event struck me, while on my way back, with some valuable lessons.

1. Do not expect everyone to know your worth. Not everybody will, only those who have had dealings with the kind of stuff you are made of will have an idea.

2. When people treat you badly, disdain or look down on you, it doesn’t really mean you are of no worth. It can be an evidence of the fact that they do not know your worth.

3. Don’t measure your worth based on people’s perception of you. You could be selling yourself off so cheaply to those who have no idea of your value.

4. When making friends and investing your life in people, it is best to do it with those who understand your value, or you risk being abused.

5. Before you give yourself away, know your worth. If I had gone on with my initial ignorance (and if the owner had not made the right moves on finding out the current value), I could have sold off the jewelry much cheaper.

These are not all one could see from the story, and I’ll do a second part. But feel free to share with me a similar incident or some other lessons you can see in this.

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