Here, I am trying to bring out another side to my little earring selling journey.

So, when I got to the part of town where is the hub of “Aboki” men who deal on such stuff, I had four different persons bargain with me at different times.

The first three all stopped at a price still short of what I had been told was the current market value of gold, so I refused to sell to them. One thing I found quite interesting was the confidence with which I insisted on the rate the owner had told me.

It was with this confidence that I won over the last person, who, though unwilling to get beyond what the others had priced me, ended up yielding when he saw I wasn’t about “compromising” my initial stand.

When I shared the story with my brother, we both agreed on certain things:

1. I wouldn’t have had such confidence if I had not known the value of the jewelry in my hands.
Lesson: You can only be confident about yourself in your dealings with others when you know your worth.

2. Without that knowledge and the confidence it brought, I would have been cheated, as they would have made it look like what I had was of lower value.
Lesson: When you don’t know your worth and are not confident about yourself, people easily treat you like a rag, and you are prone to believing you are one.

3. If not for the confidence I had, which was backed up with a prior knowledge of the item’s worth, I would have been tempted to yield after getting the same offer from more than one person.
Lesson: When you don’t know your worth, you get moved by rejection and negative things that happen to you and you let them define you.

4. It was my refusal to give in, and determination to keep going that made me get someone who finally agreed to take it for the value I held on to.
Lesson: Finding those who would value you properly may seem difficult, and you may be tempted to yield and settle with what you are being offered, but if you really want to get what you want, you would have to PERSIST and refuse to settle for less. This applies so much in relationships, but not only there. It is better to be lonely for a day than to spend a minute with someone who doesn’t value you.

5. If I was desperate to sell the jewelry (perhaps for urgent need of money), I would have easily yielded to their low price offers.
Lesson: As much as is possible, don’t be desperate to offer something of value (including yourself) to others. Desperation will make you settle for less. Desperation will give them room to take advantage of you. Be careful what you do, the choices and offers you make or accept when desperate. Try not to be desperate about things that involve your precious possessions.

I hope you read the first part of this diary filling. Now tell me your own lessons or similar events you’ve experienced.

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