Why doesn't Facebook charge us to use its apps?

Why will they let billions of people use Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp all for free? Do you have an idea how much it costs them to house all the millions of pictures and videos people upload everyday?

And recently, Facebook launched a new feature: Facebook Shops. Guess what? It’s free!

Does that make sense? Why will they allow people set up stores on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp… all for free? What’s in it for them?

Well, here’s all Facebook is asking for: ATTENTION, ATTENTION and MORE ATTENTION.

They want more traffic, more people having to spend time on Facebook, more things to keep people here.

So what?

So they can sell more ads.

Yes! Facebook’s model is to sell ads. They want to have as many people in the world spend as much time on Facebook (and sister apps) as possible. That’s why Hunkul Mark is taking over different grounds, from Facebook, he grabbed WhatsApp, Instagram… he wants to own all the places and things people spend time on online, so they can sell that attention.

Facebook is simply selling your attention to business owners, and they are making money from it.

That just shows that if you can get people to give you their attention, you can achieve so much with it.

How are you working on becoming someone worthy of people’s attention?

How are you working on getting people to want to spend more time with whatever comes from you?

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