My laptop stopped working yesterday. It was quite devastating.

I struggled with fixing whatever was wrong with it myself, and nothing worked.

I had work to do, designs to complete with it, or at least access the project files. The pressure kept increasing the more I thought of all the things I should be doing with it.

I let it ruin my day; it took most of my time, energy and thoughts. And once the devil saw I had opened up a window, he threw in so many thought bombs, and soon, it wasn’t just about the laptop.

I had to just sleep away the anxiety that was fast rising, as I couldn’t get myself to do other things.

Fast forward to waking up at 4:00am this morning, I decided to re-read a book, “Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord” by Kenneth Hagin. It was a very deliberate choice. I had to admit to myself that I had let things get to me, and it wasn’t supposed to be so. Hence, I needed a refresher course.

The funny thing about all this is that I had lost my phone 3 weeks ago. I do a lot more with my phone than even my laptop most times. Yet, when I lost my phone, I wasn’t worried. I didn’t lose sleep or go hungry because of it, despite how painful that was. I praised, danced and was calm, not minding the stress of having to find other ways to do things and being cut off from communication.

I didn’t understand how come I got so worked up this time over the laptop.

Well, the refresher course came in handy. I have even screenshot 1 Peter 5:7 (amplified version) and set it as my phone wallpaper. I’m making a fresh commitment to LET GO and LET GOD.

Do you also struggle sometimes with giving it all up to Him?

Your friend,

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